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The Advocacy Center's South Louisiana Benefits Planning Program will continue to provide information and advice on how work impacts Social Security disability benefits.

Services are available in the following Parishes: Cameron, Plaquemines, St. James, St. Helena, Assumption, Iberville, St. Charles, St. Bernard, St. John the Baptist, Vermilion, St. Martin, St. Mary, Acadia, Washington, Iberia, Lafourche, Livingston, Terrebonne, Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, Jefferson, Orleans, Lafayette

Benefits Planners are trained and certified by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide advice and follow along services to help beneficiaries understand how work impacts SSA benefits and how work incentives can improve their success in employment.

Beneficiaries of Social Security often fear losing health care coverage or losing their SSI or SSDI benefits if they go back to work. Benefits Planners can provide valuable information on available work incentives that will allow an individual to secure, maintain or advance in their employment, while maintaining necessary benefits.

Who is Eligible for benefits planning Services?

• Beneficiaries of SSI or SSDI
• Beneficiaries Ages 14-64
• Beneficiaries Working or Strongly Considering Work

Who Can Receive Information & Referral?

SSI/SSDI beneficiaries Professionals & Family Members. Benefits Planners will help beneficiaries make informed decisions about working by developing a work plan that includes the use of SSA work incentives. Benefits Planners consider the impact of work on State and Federal programs, Waiver programs, housing, and other support services.

Beneficiaries also receive information and referral assistance to programs and supports such as Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) for advocacy and legal services related to employment, Medicaid Purchase Plan, SSA Employment Networks (E.N), Ticket to Work and other employment-related supports.